Our Story

Hi friend!

Before anything else, we want to welcome you to our store. We hope you are loving it so far! Vence & Co. was born out of a desire to see a boutique give its customers a diamond-in-the-rough vibe when they come across the store. You know that feeling you get when you find a gem at Goodwill or you modify a piece that nobody else has? That’s exactly what we hope to recreate. 

Fittingly, the very idea of an online shop started with, well, online shopping. Let me explain. In 2016 I found myself undergoing a whirlwind of changes as I finished my undergraduate career. I graduated on a Thursday, interviewed for a job on Friday, and I was starting that same job on Monday. I went from being the soon-to-be college graduate whose right eye twitched every time someone asked about her post-graduation plans to walking into my own class and teaching at a college (literally three days after I had finished college).

Suddenly I found myself needing dressy casual pieces that were modest and comfortable enough to wear all day but still professional, and I turned to—you guessed it!—online shopping to do so. The funny thing is, the field I studied had nothing to do with business or fashion industry. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d actually work in fashion! 

With time, my online shopping went from a hobby to more of a passion even though professionally, I was working on something completely different. After months of prayer and research, I finally took the leap and actually told my boyfriend and family about it. The crazy part is, they didn’t think it was so crazy at all. With a job, full time school, and a gazillion (do people still stay that?) other things with which I was involved, the road toward my amateur e-commerce enterprise began.

A few months after, I, along with my partner, (and with the overwhelming support from my amazing friends and family) created Vence & Company. I want to help you find those classic pieces (and I kinda want to wear them too). With the invaluable help of my sweet boyfriend—seriously...he's kind of a tech/photo/everything wiz—Vence & Co. has finally made it out of my brain and into reality.

On to the most frequently asked the question: Venice, like Italy? Vince, like Camuto? Vance, like Refrigeration? (sorry I reference The Office even when I don’t try)

I am indecisive even about ordering a meal at the drive-thru, so choosing a business name naturally took a long time to figure out. The name Vence originated from a gorgeous village along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Hidden within the Provence region in France, Saint Paul de Vence boasts of classic architecture and breathtaking landscapes. Just like the timeless beauty of the buildings in the quaint French town, I hope our customers see beauty in finding these products to be effortlessly elegant.

Vence & Co. does not sacrifice elegance for price, which is why all of our products are within the price range of college students and young professionals. As a graduate student myself, I have been very price-conscious from the beginning. Although within a similar price range, our inventory is varied and caters to different senses of style, and we truly hope you find something that speaks to yours!


Much love,

Anahy and Carter, VCO