Hello friends!

If you are reading this, that means that somehow the title looked interesting enough for you to click on it. Or maybe you clicked on it by accident and by the time you got to this sentence, it was too late to turn back.

Whatever the case may be, welcome to Vence & Co.!

I know, I know.... there are tons of online shops that use Instagram and the same VSCO filters to whiten their white wall photos. And honestly, Vence & Co. is not the first nor the last online boutique to open. Please don't get me wrong, though—we have shots with white walls on this website too, because they are such good backgrounds to showcase our products. (Or as Carter, my partner in all things V&CO, would say: "Can't go wrong with a white wall.") 

However, the realist in me knows that I am a part of a new kind of e-commerce market so prevalent for millennials that its competitiveness increases rapidly.

When I first pitched the idea to Carter in July, I didn't know whether I would actually go for it or not. We both already had busy schedules as it was and to add this new venture seemed a little daunting. But man, how we have loved every second of it.

Over the past few weeks, I have bombarded my friends with group texts and questions about their opinions. I have also seen them sacrifice their weekends to shoot the products just how and where I wanted them. I have seen my wonderful family support me unconditionally as they always do. 

And then there's Carter... my forever boyfriend and best friend who became a photographer, a web designer, a planner, and a marketer all within three months. Undoubtedly, he has killed it at every single job he has done. 

Vence & Co. is a reflection of what I find beautiful in the world and in the little things in life, such as the embroidered flower details on a sweater (see what I did there? go check out our tops **commercial over**)

I believe that in the moments where we find the tiniest reason to smile we can also find beauty. That's why when I say, "It's all in the little things", I really mean it (pardon the cliché). And as silly as it may sound, even the little details on our clothes can give us joy. In fact, I truly believe that even what you're wearing can affect your day and those around you. People just tend to be nicer when they feel good about themselves, you know?

Nevertheless, I also feel that if the only way we can feel satisfied with our outfit is by blowing out our check on designer wear, we might sacrifice the creativity in our personal style for the sake of looking like we have it all. I mean, why else are people willing to spend $800 on a purse because it has a tiny plaque with one word on it? 

Am I saying that it's wrong to buy designer stuff? No.

Am I saying that it's wrong to like nice, expensive stuff? No. 

But is knowing yourself enough to know what you like and maintaining that style based on your taste rather than trends way more important when it comes to fashion? Heck to the yes

And was that way too long of question? Yes and Yes.

This store opening is just a little speck in the millions of things that happen every day. And yet, in its own way, it matters. Every piece I have picked has some "little thing" or detail that I appreciate and therefore made me want to choose it for you. It might seem like those ruffle straps on an overall skirt are pointless, or that the golden edge in the back of the beige booties barely shows. But those details are what make those pieces just unique enough for somebody nit-picky like me to think, "I love that." 

And I hope you think that too.

Much love, V&CO


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