Why Avocados Deserve a THAAANKSSS From Our Hair

Posted on February 27 2019

Why Avocados Deserve a THAAANKSSS From Our Hair

Although hair loss is a common occurrence in both women and men, it is never comfortable to talk about. That's why writing this is, indeed, UN-TO-THE-COMFORTABLE. 

During the last quarter of my undergraduate program, I had a really tough schedule along with the pressures of figuring out what was next. And if you've read Our Story, you know I had nothing figured out. I was so stressed and pressed for time throughout those last three months that I would either forget to eat, forget to do laundry, and even forget paper due dates. So basically, I was a hungry, rough-looking, last-minute student zombie. Can I get a WITNESS?!

Throughout this period I noticed some changes in my body as far as my weight and my skin, but very slowly, I also started noticing that more hair was falling out in the shower than usual. By the time I had finished my finals, my ponytail had slimmed down so much that I could wrap my hair tie around my hair one more time. I had lost so much hair that I had spots around my part and in the back, and all in a matter of months. The worst part is that I did not notice until a lot of the damage was done. I was still washing, drying, and styling my hair as usual. 

After multiple doctor visits and a lot of waiting, we found that the root of the hair loss was from mostly from stress and that with the right products + diet, I should be able to assuage it. Two years later, my hair loss has become a prayer and a battle with which I've had to adjust. And to be honest, I would have never taken proper care of my hair if not for my experience--tragic, because our hair, just like our overall health, should be taken care of for us to properly function in anything we do. I've had to learn so much about vitamins, diet choices, and even stress-control (there's a reason why Jesus literally had to tell us not to worry) that I almost feel like a fake because I will always love mac n' cheese and curling my hair. Both technically bad for us, but both so great. Ahhh.

 I have to say though, some of the perks throughout this period of learning have been getting to use amazing-smelling natural products that literally nourish the hair from the get-go. I can't believe I went 21 years without even thinking of all the combinations I could make from ingredients I already had at home! Especially because hair treatments are more necessary and easier than we think, which brings me to the avocado craze--Yes, you see it on t-shirts, mugs, cartoons, and viral Youtube videos. Not to go with the mainstream here, but avocados are LEGIT. It has everything from fiber to the good fat. That's why the avocado hair mask we're sharing is so magical! 

Avocado + anything = good thing

This mask is incredible for making your hair feel fresh, giving it that shiny and "new" feel, but more specifically, this hair treatment is perfect for strengthening and preventing hair loss by making the hair thicker and stronger. Avocados are packed with protein, so this mask is so beneficial to providing nutrients to the hair that we often smother with chemicals and products. 

For this hair mask, you will need:

  • 1/2 Avocado 
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon of honey 


1. Divide the avocado in half, and crush it in a medium sized bowl. It's best to get the chunks to a creamy and smooth consistency. 

2. Add the remaining ingredients one by one constantly stirring for best results.

3. Massage the contents into the scalp and throughout the hair. I would recommend clipping your hair up after the mask has been rubbed into your hair. It helps hold the hair in one place and not be pulled down so heavily. 

4. Allow the avocado mask to soak in the scalp for at least 30 minutes, but if you would prefer longer, definitely let your hair absorb all the protein from the mask. 

5. After soaking in the scalp, wash the mask out with warm water and wash your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner. 

Done! Now sit back and let that green bundle of creamy goodness do the work.



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  • Daniela Vaquera: April 20, 2019

    This is great! So easy and I had all the ingredients at home. I am trying it today. How many times a week should this mask been done to our hair?

    Thanks for sharing!

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